Daily Dose of Great Police Work: In the Case of One Stolen Guitar - Snoozing Doesn't Equal Losing!!!

If you snooze - you don't always lose!!!

At about 8:30 AM, on Monday, May 26, 2014, officers from District A-1 (Downtown) made an onsite arrest for larceny in the area of the Boston Common. 

While on patrol, officers observed several males running along Tremont Street (towards Bromfield Street) in pursuit of a single male. Upon seeing this, officers quickly joined in the chase, caught up to the group and intercepted the combatants just as a physical altercation was about to commence. Officers spoke to one of the combatants who stated that, while he was asleep in the park, the individual being chased stole his Rogue String guitar. When the victim awoke and discovered his guitar missing, he recruited several of his friends to help him locate the missing instrument. During the course of their search, the victim says he observed an individual exiting a McDonald’s restaurant while in possession of what appeared to be his black guitar case. When the victim attempted to engage the suspect, the suspect took off on foot. The witnesses, as well as the victim, report they were in the process of retrieving the missing guitar when police showed up.

Upon further investigation and positive identification of the missing guitar, Matthew R. Stutzman, 27, of Boston was arrested and charged with Larceny from the Person.  The guitar was returned to the victim.