Boston Gun Buy Back Program Receives Quality Guns from City Residents


Since the initial roll out of the Boston Gun Buyback Program, the Boston Police Department has received 300 guns and given out over 250 Visa® gift cards with no questions asked. In recent weeks, legitimate street guns have been surrendered under the program and are no longer a danger to our neighborhoods. 

Last month, a group of neighborhood kids notified an adult of several handguns being illegally stored in a local housing development. The adult, having just watched the rap video supporting the gun buyback program, felt compelled to call BPD to turn in the guns. Five guns were located and removed from the development.

A couple of weeks ago the gun buyback was responsible for collecting a gun that had belonged to a former gang member who was inspired by his mentor to turn in the gun. He received a $200 gift card, no questions asked. Another gang member who was also “getting out of the life” turned in his piece to the gun buyback program. His $200 gift card was used for travel expenses.

 Said Commissioner Evans, “These are exactly the kind of guns we are looking to get off our streets and out of the neighborhoods. I applaud these individuals for having the courage to turn in their piece for peace.”

Most recently, a community member was horrified to find her two grandsons playing “cops and robbers” with two (thankfully) unloaded guns in her home. The guns had belonged to her husband who had passed away several years ago. Not realizing the guns had been stored in her home, she immediately called 1-888-GUNTIPS and both guns were successfully removed and turned into the program.

In an effort to encourage community member's participation, local sports teams have signed on to show their support for the program. Check out this message from the Boston Celtics own Avery Bradley. 

The Boston Gun Buyback Program has plenty more gift cards to give with no questions asked. For more information on the Boston Gun Buyback visit