Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Boston Police Begin Crackdown on Motorcycle/Recreational Vehicle Code Violations--Officers Arrest 3 and Confiscate Vehicles for Infractions


At about 4:45 PM on May 3, 2014, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) arrested 3 individuals and seized numerous items from the area of 14 Tampa Street in Mattapan.

Due to numerous citizen complaints about the operation of recreational vehicles (motor scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.) on public city streets, officers’ observations of reckless and unsafe operation of these vehicles, and recent motor vehicle accidents involving severe injuries to the operators of recreational vehicles, officers set up directed patrol in the above area to address these issues. These officers had also been recently trained by the Boston Police Academy in identifying the various methods in which recreational vehicles are unsafely stored near or inside of dwellings, and how this may result in numerous hazardous building code violations.

As officers patrolled the area, they observed a group of people with several recreational vehicles in the rear of the above address. Officers observed many of the vehicles leaning against the house, fence, and stored under the house porch. The officers believed that these vehicles, which are known to contain gasoline, petroleum, and oil, were causing a hazard near the dwelling and responded to the residence to investigate.

Officers spoke with the individuals outside the house and, upon further investigation, found 17 recreational vehicles in various stages of repair, as well as numerous engines and engine parts improperly stored inside and around the above property. Officers also discovered several registration plates and an engine that had been previously reported stolen. Upon the order of the Boston Fire Department, all improperly stored vehicles and items were removed from the property. The stolen items were also seized by the officers.

Three individuals were arrested in connection with this incident. Twenty-two-year-old Ruben Casseus of Hyde Park was arrested and charged with a Boston City Ordinance Violation for an Open Container of Alcohol in Public. Twenty-four-year-old Philip Edwards of Malden was arrested on three outstanding active warrants. Thirty-six-year-old Tyrone Searcy of Mattapan was charged with Buying/Receiving Stolen Property over $250, as well as issued a Boston City Ordinance Violation.