100 Years Ago: Inspector Thomas J. Norton, killed in the line of duty June 19, 1914



Inspector Thomas Norton was born in Boston in 1865. He joined the Boston Police Department as a Reserve Officer in 1897 and was made a Patrolman in 1900. After serving in various districts throughout the city, Norton was assigned to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and promoted to Sergeant and then Inspector. 

On June 19, 1914, Inspector Norton was scheduled to leave work early to attend his daughter’s high school graduation. As he was about to depart, some Pinkerton guards requested assistance from Boston Police in arresting a fugitive they had located at a Boylston Street saloon. Inspector Norton accompanied them to assist in the capture of the suspect, who was wanted for three murders in another state. A firefight broke out and Inspector Norton was killed. Inspector Norton was 49 years old and was survived by his wife Annie and children Alice, Marion, Charles, Olive, Thomas, Mildred, Joseph, and Robert.