A Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Officers Arrest Nine Suspects for a ‘Not So Pleasant Gathering’ Downtown


At about 5:10PM on Saturday, June 6, 2014, officers from District A-1 (Downtown) made an onsite arrest of 9 (nine) suspects for public intoxication in the area of Chinatown Gate Park. 

Officers observed 10 suspects seated inside the Chinatown Gate Park sharing 2 cans of 16oz beer and 1 pint of vodka. Several suspects appeared to be sound asleep, while 2 female suspects engaged in a loud verbal argument.  Bystanders and visitors to the park area took notice and were alarmed at the scene.  Officers assigned to the Area A-1 neighborhood station have constantly warned these suspects not to engage in their disorderly conduct.

As a result of previous warnings, officers arrested male suspects; Wade Crawford, 57, Torre Jenkins, 40, Ronald Gearles, 53, Glen Manaiza, 45, Majesty Shahadah Ali, 48, and James Niemczyk, 40, of Boston, and male suspects Ronald Collins, 48, of Raynham, Ronel Charles, 41, of Brighton, as well as a female suspect Gladys Delgardo, 54, of Cambridge and charged the 9(nine) suspects with Disturbing the Peace, and Drinking in Public.