Major Tragedy Averted Thanks to Quick Acting Boston Police Officer

Some have already taken to calling it a mid-summer miracle but, regardless of what you call it, Boston Police Officer Clifton Singletary simply says he’s grateful that he was in the right place at the right time earlier today (Thursday, July 17, 2014) in the area of the Boston Common. Singletary was in the process of helping the operator of a wayward 60-foot flatbed truck navigate its way off of Beacon Hill when, according to Singletary, someone in the truck yelled to him that the truck had lost its brakes. As the truck began to slowly roll out of control down Walnut Street, Singletary sensing danger ahead, immediately sped ahead to the intersection of Walnut and Beacon Streets where he sprung from his motorcycle, stopped traffic and began shouting at pedestrians to clear the area. With the traffic stopped, Singletary watched as the sixty foot flatbed truck sailed hauntingly through the intersection before running aground and coming to a crashing halt on Boston Common. Of the vehicles stopped at the intersection, Singletary noticed a Trolley Tour bus filled with small children. After looking up at the bus, Singletary said to himself, “God was with us today. It’s a miracle that nobody got hurt.”