Summer Flashlight Walk Lights Up the Night on District B-2 in Roxbury!!!


Thanks to all those who turned out for the Summer Flashlight Walk recently held on District B-2 in Roxbury. According to our sources, all who attended had a great time walking the neighborhood while getting to know the officers entrusted with protecting and serving their community. The walk culminated in a super successful community get together at the Shirley Eustis House where all who made the walk dined on hot dogs and ice cream. Doesn’t get much better than that!!! Among the many in attendance included District B-2 Captain John Davin, Chief Willie Gross, Deputy Joe Harris, Deputy Nora Baston, Sgt. Samil Silta, Officer Kenny Grubbs along with Wallace Tillford, Kerry Ryan & Carolyn Macneil from Neighborhood Watch. In addition to having a whole lot of fun, all who attended tonight’s Flashlight Walk received a complimentary flashlight. If you’re interested in participating in a future Summer Flashlight Walk, please call (617) 343-4345 or email: