One Less Gun: One Illegal Firearm Recovered in Hyde Park

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At about 11:07 PM on Sunday, July 27, 2014, officers in District E-18 (Hyde Park) responded to a radio call for a shot-spotter activation in the area of 33 Rockdale Street.

Upon arrival, officers observed ballistic evidence in the area. Officers were notified by a witness that her vehicle had incurred damage from shots fired as she was driving down Rockdale Street. Officers observed this damage to her vehicle, as well as ballistic damage to two parked vehicles in the area. Officers then received additional information that a victim of a non-life-threatening gunshot wound had self-applied to Carney Hospital. Officers spoke with the victim who reported unknown person(s) shot him as he walked down Rockdale Street. Neither the victim nor witness could give further information regarding the incident; however, after a search of the area, officers were able to recover an Interarms Walther P99 .40 caliber firearm from inside a BBQ grill in the area of 36 Rockdale Street. District detectives will further investigate this incident.