Congratulations to our Boston Police Teen Academy Graduates!!!

The Boston Police Teen Academy held its graduation ceremony this evening (August 13, 2012) in front of a room full of proud police officers and ever prouder parents inside the Media Room at Boston Police Headquarters. The Teen Academy, started in 2009 and now in its 6th year, proudly graduated 60 students who successfully completed the program’s six week training curriculum which included lesson plans and lectures in conflict resolution, community policing and goal setting. Mayor Martin Walsh and Police Commissioner William Evans attended tonight’s ceremony and offered congratulatory remarks to this year’s graduating class. Said Mayor Walsh, “Congratulations on graduating from the Boston Police Teen Academy. If you didn’t know it before you started your training, you likely know now that the Boston Police Department is one of the best in the country. The officers who trained you are special because they care so much about the work that they do. If you entered the Teen Academy dreaming about one day becoming a police officer, I’m guessing that your dream has only been strengthened as a result of your experiences and interactions with the officers who trained and mentored you.” Said Commissioner Evans, “I hope you had a lot of fun and learned a lot during your time at the Teen Academy. I want to congratulate you on the completion of your training and I want to thank the officers who trained you. Our profession is always looking for people who care about making a difference and giving something back to our community and from what I’ve been told by your instructors – there’s a lot of you in this class. And, if you’d like to be a police officer one day, we’d love to have you. Keep up the great work.”  This year’s class met three days a week for six weeks during the summer at the Boston Police Academy located at 85 Williams Ave in Hyde Park. For more information about the Teen Academy, call Police Officer Darryl Owens at the Boston Police Academy at (617) 343.4410.