Boston’s Crime Fighter of the Year Named & Honored during National Night Out Festivities

Congratulations to Annie Kinkead - the 2014 Crime Fighter of the Year. Kinkead, the president of the Colorado Street Citizens Group, has been working and making a difference in Mattapan for almost 50 years. Those who know her say Mattapan is undoubtedly a safer, more united community because of Annie and the caring and commitment she brings to those efforts. After being named Crime Fighter of the Year earlier this week during National Night Out festivities at District B-3 in Mattapan, Annie looked out over the gathered crowd and offered appreciation:  “I want to thank each and every one of you for standing by me, being with me, and working with me day in and day out for a better neighborhood that we call Shangri-La … a good sitting-down place.” Said Commissioner William Evans, “People like Annie make a difference in our city every day and I’d like to thank her and congratulate her on being named the Crime Fighter of the Year.”