Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Breaking Into the Car Is Bad Enough, Falling Asleep After the Fact Is Even Worse


At about 8:15 AM on Wednesday, August 6, 2014, an individual was just about to get into her car when she noticed two people sleeping in it. According to the victim, she had just gotten off of work and was about to enter her vehicle, which was parked in the area of 199 Harrison Ave, but couldn’t after observing two individuals – both unknown to her – fast asleep in her car. On arrival, officers arrested Jean Marcellus, 30, of Boston and Nicole Makseyn, 38, of Lexington and charged both with Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle. A search of the suspect Marcellus enabled officers to recover several plastic bags of a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana. As such, Marcellus was additionally charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class D Drug.