Great Work Recognized: Commissioner's Commendations Awarded to Area E Detectives and Officers


Today, Thursday, September 11, 2014, Commissioner’s Commendations were awarded to Detectives Leo Ronan and Gloria Kinkead as well as Area E Officers Fabian Belgrave and Wilson Quiles: On August 13, 2014, Officer Quiles responded to a radio call for a robbery at the Burger King on Washington Street in Roslindale. On arrival, Officer Quiles spoke to the four young victims and was able to obtain a detailed description of all suspects involved. Moments later, Officer Belgrave stopped a motor vehicle on an unrelated violation. Upon gathering information on the vehicle and the operator, Officer Belgrave observed the front passenger repeatedly moving and crouching down. During the traffic stop, Officer Belgrave heard a broadcast of the suspect descriptions provided by Officer Quiles which matched that of the occupants of the motor vehicle in which he had stopped. Additional units arrived on scene including Detective Kinkead and Detective Ronan. A brief investigation led to all of the suspects being positively identified and subsequently placed under arrest. For their swift response and team work, we thank Detectives Ronan and Kinkead and Officers Belgrave and Quiles.