Daily Dose of Great Police Work: BPD Officers Arrest Suspect with Knife in Dorchester


At about 9:00 PM on January 10, 2015, officers and supervisors from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to a radio call for an emotionally disturbed person in the area of 383 Geneva Avenue, Dorchester.

Upon arrival, officers found a large male in his 30’s inside an apartment holding a knife to his throat, threatening to assault officers and kill himself. Officers observed that the suspect had turned on the gas burners on the stove and was threatening to blow up the house. Officers also learned that prior to their arrival, the male had assaulted his elderly mother. After the male ignored several commands by the officers to drop the knife, two supervisors deployed multiple shots from a “less-lethal” shotgun, striking the suspect, and causing him to drop the knife. Officers were able to take the suspect into custody without further incident or injury.

“The officers on the scene showed great restraint in using less-lethal force in this situation, given the size, demeanor, and previous actions of the suspect. Their quick thinking and superior training allowed for a favorable outcome last night,” said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. “The less-lethal shotgun is an option available to officers in the Boston Police Department and is the preferred response under circumstances like these. In the interest of the safety of all involved, our officers always try to use the least amount of force necessary to affect an arrest in any incident.”

Thirty-two-year-old Thomas Harrington of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery and Assault by means of a Dangerous Weapon (Knife).