Great Work Recognized: Arrest of a Bank Robber Leads to Commissioner Commendations for Officers Casey McDonough & Allison McHale

Great Work Recognized: Commissioner Commendations Presented to Officers Casey McDonough & Allison McHale - On December 2, 2014, officers responded to an armed bank robbery at the Mt. Washington Bank at 501 Southampton Street in which the suspect entered the bank while partially masked, threatened the teller with a knife and fled the scene after pilfering an undisclosed amount of U.S. Currency. In the days after the robbery, detectives were able to secure an arrest warrant after identifying the suspect wanted in connection to the bank robbery. Photos of the suspect were disseminated during roll call and several days later, BPD officers got their guy. In fact, on December 11, 2014, Officers McHale and McDonough were on patrol in the area of the Old Harbor Housing Development when they observed a male fitting the description of the suspect. Officer McHale promptly exited the patrol wagon to follow the suspect on foot while Officer McDonough moved the vehicle to a secure location. After confirming the identity of the suspect, officers took the suspect into custody.  Thanks to their quick actions and attention to detail, a bad actor was taken off the streets of Boston and a second robbery may have been prevented as the suspect was found to have a mask in his possession. For making the city a safer place, Officers McHale & McDonough are aptly awarded Commissioner’s Commendations.