One Less Gun: Juvenile Male Arrested for Warrants and Firearm Possession in Jamaica Plain


At about 10:40 AM on January 30, 2014, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force in collaboration with the Department of Youth Services affected an arrest of a juvenile suspect for an outstanding warrant and firearm-related charges in the area of 9 Horan Way in District E-13 (Jamaica Plain).

Officers had been informed by DYS officers that the juvenile suspect had been seen with a firearm in his residence the previous evening. When officers arrived at the residence and placed the suspect under arrest, the suspect requested that a family member retrieve some clothes from his bedroom. Fearing the presence of a firearm, the officers conducted a protective sweep of the bedroom. The sweep revealed a loaded silver and brown Ruger MKIII Hunter .22 caliber firearm (description updated 2/2/15) under the juvenile‚Äôs mattress.

The officers arrested the 17-year-old juvenile male of Jamaica Plain for the outstanding warrant, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Unsafe Storage of a Firearm.