Ever Wonder Where Guns Go to Die? We Have the Answer

Where Guns Go to Die: Did you ever wonder what happens to all the guns taken off the streets of Boston by the men and women of the BPD in their ongoing efforts to keep our city safe? Short answer: they’re destroyed.  Longer answer: they’re sent to a steel plant in Everett where the guns are crushed, melted down, recycled and repurposed. And, when we say repurposed, we mean just that. In fact, after the guns have been melted down, they’re recast in the shape and form of a manhole or sewer cover. Most recently, members of the BPD Ballistics Unit shepherded over 200 firearms taken off the streets of Boston to the Schnitzer Steel Plant in Everett. Once there, BPD officers oversaw the destruction of the guns. Said one of the officers on scene, “It feels good knowing that the weapons destroyed here today won’t get a second chance to hurt or harm anybody else in the future.”