Thank You for Thanking Us: Officers' Small Act of Kindness Receives Big Thanks


We recently received a message on our Facebook page from a father visiting Boston from out of town with his family. While in our city, he wanted to find some officers to take a picture with his children, and of course, he was not disappointed. Here are his words of praise for our officers:

“We decided to take our children to Lego Land for the day, and after we visited, we decided to drive towards the Chinatown District. While we are from out of state and myself being in school for law enforcement, I figured it would be cool to have the kids take a picture with Boston’s Finest. So here come these officers smiling, and they just had that personality that you knew you could approach them. So we asked if they would mind taking a photo with the kids. Not only were they fast in their yes response, they even had a little fun with the kids. Now this is what community outreach is about. Just imagine what one small act of kindness from a police officer can do for a small child whose mind is still developing. The absolute best part was when my five-year-old son said to me, ‘See, Dad? Why do people say cops are bad? Those guys were fun.’ Way to go, and I hope they get the praise they deserve.”

These officers (and many others) appreciate your letter. Hearing a simple “thanks” and bringing a smile to a child’s face in an oftentimes tough job makes it all worth it!