Keeping Boston Safe: BPD Officers Exercise Extraordinary Restraint During Confrontation with Suspect Brandishing a Replica Firearm

At about 8:10PM, on Friday, October 16, 2015, members of the Boston Police School Unit were on directed patrol of a high school football game at Madison Park High School located at 25 Warren Street on District B-2 (Roxbury). At the conclusion of the game, officers observed a loud crowd arguing on Malcolm X Blvd in the area of the  Dudley MBTA Station. While approaching the disturbance, officers observed several individuals sprinting towards them in such a way as if to suggest they were trying to avoid or evade a threat. After turning onto Roxbury Street, officers observed a male suspect brandishing what appeared to be a firearm and yelling in a threatening, menacing manner at several bystanders. Upon seeing the armed suspect, officers immediately unholstered their department-issued firearms and initiated verbal commands instructing the suspect drop the gun. At this juncture, the suspect began yelling that it was a BB gun, but refused to drop the weapon nonetheless. After a physical struggle, officers were finally able to subdue the suspect and gain control of the weapon. After the weapon was recovered, officers were able to determine that the weapon was in fact a replica firearm. In addition to the replica firearm, officers also observed and recovered a knife on the ground underneath the suspect.

Gerard Moore, 20, of Mattapan was arrested and charged with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon. He was additionally issued a civil citation for possession of the pocket knife.