BPD in the News: In Case You Missed It, Boston Globe Spotlights BPD and Community Walks

photo courtesy of keith bedford (boston globe)

Yesterday, a story by Jan Ransom of the Boston Globe highlighted how the Boston Police Department and local clergy are banding together with the community for a series of evening walks through Boston neighborhoods. Ransom points out in the article that these walks may be a simple act, but they go a long way in creating bonds between community members and the police. By banding together, officers, clergy, and locals are standing together against violence in their neighborhoods, and it seems to be yielding results—overall shootings in the city since the walks began on August 21, 2015 to date are down 40% in relation to the same period last year (8/21/14-10/15/14). For the full Boston Globe article, click on the link below: