Getting into the Happy Halloween Spirit in Roslindale!!!

Getting into the Happy Halloween Spirit!!! If you’re looking for Halloween spirit, look no further than the pictures provided. In the photos, Father Conway, Deputy Nora Baston and Officer Nicole Grant are seen hanging out and having a great time carving pumpkins with the kids in the Casserly House’s after school program in Roslindale. Yet another example of Boston’s Finest connecting with the kids in our community.   

By the way - if you’re trick-or-treating this Halloween, here are some safety tips we’d like you to consider:

  • If you plan on giving out candy, clear your yard and sidewalk of any items or decorations that could cause injury or harm. Keep your house well-lit both inside-and-out.
  • Costumes should be flame-retardant given a child’s potential exposure to jack-o’-lanterns, candles or other flames.
  • Keep costumes short enough so the only trip taken is the one around the neighborhood.
  • Costumes should be bright and easily seen. Remind trick-or-treaters to carry glow sticks and flashlights.
  • Avoid costumes with weapons like plastic swords and tridents. Challenge your child to design a costume that is scary without one.
  • Young kids should always be accompanied by a parent or trusted neighbor.
  • Review the route for trick-or-treating before you head out the door and set a time – usually between 8:00pm and 8:30pm - when kids should be home.
  • Remind your children to never enter strange houses or cars.
  • After a successful and safe night around the neighborhood, remember that the treats still need inspection before anyone eats them. Remind your kids not to indulge until they’ve come home. Throw out any candy that is not wrapped or is no longer sealed.
  • Lastly, if you see anything out of the ordinary or suspicious, call 9-1-1. We’d be more than happy to come check it out.

Happy Halloween!!!