BPD in the News: Boston Globe Highlights Life Saving Actions of Responding Officers After Jamaica Plain Double Shooting

Our thanks to the Boston Globe’s Evan Allen for her story which highlighted the life saving measures taken by two officers assigned to District E-13 (Jamaica Plain). Job well done by all.

Police Responding to Double Shooting Help Save One Victim’s Life (By Evan Allen – Boston Globe)

When the four Boston police officers arrived at the scene of the double shooting in Jamaica Plain on Wednesday afternoon, they found the first victim on the steps of a Bromley-Heath housing development building. Another officer was already crouched over him, pressing a sweatshirt into the bullet wound in his shoulder.

“I think there’s someone else up there,” said a person standing nearby, according to police. The four officers charged inside and split up, two officers taking one set of stairs and two taking another, heading for a fifth-floor apartment.

Officer Angel Figueroa, a 17-year-veteran, and Officer David Murray, an eight-year-veteran, made it to the fifth floor first about 3:50 p.m. They did not know if the shooter was still in the building, said spokesman Officer Stephen McNulty.  But when they arrived in the apartment, they found the second victim pressing a towel to his thigh, where a bullet had possibly hit his femoral artery. The towel was doing nothing to stop the bleeding.

Murray rushed to the man’s side and started applying pressure to the wound while Figueroa did a protective sweep of the apartment. When Figueroa came back, Murray asked him for a towel, but Figueroa handed over his department-issued tourniquet instead. “Hey, this is gonna hurt,” they told the victim.  They wrapped the tourniquet tightly around his leg and cranked it, stanching the bleeding until paramedics arrived and rushed the man to an ambulance.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said he was listening to the radio transmissions as he drove to the scene, and the man shot in the thigh was losing a lot of blood before the officers arrived.

No arrests have yet been made in the shooting, McNulty said. The shooting appears to have been drug-related, not gang-related, said Evans.

“It was tense: a lot of shots fired, two people injured,” said Evans. “I’m just glad the officers got there quickly. The response was great. And because of that, and the officers’ quick action, they were able to save his life.”