Celebrating Old Ironsides & Her Success in the War of 1812

Commander Sean Kearns of the USS Constitution and Chief William Gross

Celebrating Old Ironsides & Her Success in the War of 1812: On Friday, February 20, 2015, BPD Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross (seen in the photo with Commander Sean Kearns) stopped by the USS Constitution Museum in Charlestown to celebrate one of our country’s most cherished and celebrated naval vessels and her heroic actions during the War of 1812. Tonight, fans of Old Ironsides gathered to commemorate and recall the fighting spirit and masterful maneuvering that enabled Old Ironsides to defeat the likes of Cyane and Levant, two warships in Her Majesty’s Naval Service. During those battles, the USS Constitution lived up to her nickname – Old Ironsides - and the Brits never recovered from the losses. At 5:00pm, the USS Constitution fired a final salute to mark the final shots of the battle waged and won by Old Ironsides 200 years ago.