Great Work Recognized: Commissioner's Commendations Awarded to BPD School Police Unit Officers

On Thursday, January 29, 2015, Commissioner’s Commendations were awarded to Boston Police Officers Jonathan Hester, Jean-Paul Limontas, and Robert Cordasco of the School Police Unit for their actions in the following incident:

At about 6:00 PM on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, the above officers were on directed patrol at the McKinley School Commencement ceremony at 90 Warren Avenue in the South End. Due to the officers’ knowledge of ongoing feuds between several groups of students with ties to area street gangs, numerous altercations, and threats to commit violent acts, officers were on particular alert for any suspicious behavior. As the graduates and their families were exiting the McKinley school a large group of approximately 200 people had gathered on Warren Avenue.  It was then that the officers observed a suspect with a hooded sweatshirt pulled tightly around his head and face walking up Warren Ave toward the large crowd.  Given the warm weather, this individual caught the eye of the officers. As the individual continued to approach the crowd, an officers observed a heavy object visible in the front pocket of his hooded sweatshirt. Officer Hester, having been trained by the ATF in the characteristics of an armed gunman, and Officer Limontas approached the individual. As the officers identified themselves as police, the suspect began to flee. A violent struggle ensued with several hundred people looking on, but officers were able to apprehend the individual and recover two firearms from the suspect. As a result of their diligence and keen observations, Officers Hester, Limontas, and Cordasco were able to identity and arrest an armed assailant in a very crowded situation.  As a result of their training and experience, coupled with their knowledge of the various groups at the McKinley Schools, a tragedy was averted. For this we thank you, Officers!