Great Work Recognized: Commissioner Commendations Presented to Officers Ayesha Lawton & Lynwood Jenkins

Great Work Recognized: Commissioner Commendations Presented to Officers Ayesha Lawton & Lynwood Jenkins - On Saturday, November 22, 2014, Officers Lawton & Jenkins – while working a last half on District C-6 (South Boston) - responded to a call for a breaking & entering in progress at the Dollar Store at 626 Dorchester Avenue. Thanks to their swift and speedy response, Officers Lawton & Jenkins were able to arrive on scene in time to locate and apprehend the suspect responsible for the break-in. On arrival, officers observed the suspect still holding the crowbar used to break a store window. As officers were taking the suspect into custody, several witnesses approached and identified the suspect as the person seen breaking into the business.  The suspect was subsequently charged with Breaking & Entering and Possession of Burglarious Tools.  For making the city a safer place, Officers Lawton & Jenkins are aptly awarded Commissioner’s Commendations.