Great Work Recognized: Commissioner’s Commendations Presented to Officers for Courage & Restraint Displayed during Confrontation with Armed Suspect

Great Work Recognized: Commissioner’s Commendations Presented to Officers for Courage & Restraint Displayed during Confrontation with Armed Suspect: At about 1:50am, on Saturday, February 7, 2015, Detective Griffin and Officer Merner were conducting surveillance in the area of 41 O'Reilly Way in Charlestown due to several reports relative to gun and gang activity in the area.  While Detective Griffin and Officer Merner conducted surveillance of the building, Sgt. Detective Assad and Detective Guy took up support positions just up the street from the area under surveillance. As three males exited the location under surveillance, officers promptly observed and recognized two of the individuals from prior interactions and encounters with police. Officers quickly keyed in on the fact that the individuals appeared to be in a heightened state of uneasiness and anxiety with their heads swiveling and turning in such a way as if to suggest they were mindful and cognizant of possible police surveillance. The group then split up with one individual lagging behind the others while the other two individuals continued walking towards the unmarked cruiser occupied by Sgt. Det. Assad and Det. Guy. Possibly mistaking the vehicle for one belonging to someone else, one of the suspects approached the car and began banging on the window with his fist. Officers quickly exited their cruiser and a physical altercation ensued. As this was occurring, the third suspect returned to the scene. As the third suspect approached the altercation, a third officer observed him produce a firearm and point it in the direction of the combatants. Upon seeing the suspect with gun in hand, the officer immediately drew his firearm and ordered the suspect to drop the gun. However, instead of speedily adhering to the officer’s legal instructions, the suspect pointed his firearm at the officer. Split second later, the suspect, thinking better of his decision, lowered his gun and took off running with the officer giving chase. After a lengthy foot pursuit, officers were able to subdue and apprehend the suspect. A search of the area for the suspect’s firearm was unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, officers involved in the earlier altercation were unable to subdue the suspect who initiated the altercation when he banged on the officer’s car window. As officers attempted to arrest him, the suspect took off running. While running behind the suspect, the officer observed the suspect discard an object which turned out to be a firearm. The firearm was quickly recovered and turned in as evidence.

For their quick, courageous actions and split second decision-making leading to the arrest of an armed felon and the seizure of an illegal firearm, the officers involved in this incident are fittingly awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation and we thank them for protecting and serving the citizens of our fine city.