One Less Gun: Officers Apprehend Fleeing Felon and Recover Three Firearms in Roxbury

Boston police officers found that catching criminals did not come easily yesterday. On Tuesday, March 31, 2015, officers in Roxbury were led on several chases over the course of their patrol duties and investigations; but as a result of their relentless perseverance, officers were able to arrest two suspects with outstanding warrants and recover three firearms in two separate incidents. The facts and circumstances are as follows:

Incident #1: At about 1:00 PM, members of the City Wide Drug Control Unit observed a male known to officers as having four outstanding warrants and having recently been involved in a firearm incident in the area of 10 Interval Street in District B-2 (Roxbury). The officers observed the suspect enter a vehicle, and due to the suspect’s criminal history and fearing the presence of a firearm, officers requested additional units to assist in stopping the vehicle. Once stopped, the suspect and a second passenger alighted from the rear of the vehicle and fled on foot toward the area of the King School at 77 Lawrence Avenue. As the officers gave chase, they observed the suspect grabbing his waist area. Having made numerous firearm arrests and been trained in the ATF’s Characteristics of an Armed Gunman, officers believed that the suspect may be armed. Officers were able to pursue the suspect for an extended distance, but lost sight of him after he jumped a fence behind the school and made good his escape. Officers from District B-2, K-9, and School Police units canvassed the area to no avail.

Approximately one hour later, officers received a call from a supervisor of the School Police Unit reporting that a firearm had been recovered in the rear of the King School where the officers had been pursuing the suspect. Detectives responded, recovered, and processed a loaded Ruger .357 revolver.

Incident #2: At about 6:00 PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to a radio call for shots fired in the area of 515 Blue Hill Avenue. Based on the 911 dispatcher’s broadcast, officers located and attempted to stop a car that fit the description of the suspect vehicle. After a brief pursuit, officers were able to stop the vehicle; however, four suspects exited the car and fled on foot. Officers were able to apprehend two of the suspects, one of whom was clad in black, wearing a gold bandana, and fit the witnesses’ descriptions of the shooter.

A search of the motor vehicle resulted in officers recovering a loaded black and silver Smith & Wesson 9mm firearm. Officers canvassed the streets where the foot pursuit took place and recovered a loaded Smith & Wesson Blue Steel .38 caliber revolver from the flight path of the suspect.

The suspect with the gold bandana was positively identified as the shooter. Officers arrested 25-year-old Daishawn Brown of Boston and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Firearm Discharged within 500 ft. of a Dwelling, Assault by Means of A Dangerous Weapon (Gun), and Career Criminal Level I. Brown was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for a probation violation.

The second suspect was identified and released.