Off-Duty Boston Police Officer First to Arrive on Scene at North End Fire


At about 4:00 PM, Boston Police Officer Shana Cottone had just gotten out of Boston Municipal Court and was driving towards the North End when she sensed something was wrong. “I saw smoke coming out of a building so I called it in and drove towards the smoke.” When she arrived at One Stillman Place in the North End, she saw smoke and flames and realized she had to go in. “I was the first to arrive on the scene and when I saw the flames, I knew I needed to go in to make sure everybody was out.” During her search of the building, Cottone, who was later treated for smoke inhalation, evacuated several homeowners and a family pet. “I think I did what any police officer would’ve done. This is why we do the job. When people need help, we respond.” The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Added Cottone, “I didn’t need to run into a burning building to appreciate my fellow brother and sister firefighters, but I appreciate them even more after today.”