BPD In The News: Thanks to Peter Gelzinis for Telling Story of a Sister's Love and Two Caring, Compassionate Police Officers

BPD IN THE NEWS: Thanks to the Herald’s Peter Gelzinis for telling the story of a sister’s love and two caring, compassionate police officers. In 2013, Elinor Scott was in the midst of fulfilling a lifelong dream of finishing the Boston Marathon when - like so many others - that goal was put on hold when two bombs exploded at the finish line. Despite the change in plans, Elinor Scott planned to return to Boston in 2014 to finish what she had started, but cancer had other plans. In January of 2014, Elinor was diagnosed with pancreatic stage 4 cancer which meant returning to Boston to run an entire marathon was out of the question, but finishing the final mile wasn’t. After lobbying and receiving permission from the BAA to run only the final mile, the mile she had missed out on the year before, Elinor Scott and her sister, Jodi, returned to Boston. But gaining permission to run and getting to Mile 25 on the day of last year’s marathon was no easy task in light of record crowds and increased security measures stifling movements on the streets and sidewalks in and around Kenmore Square. But, when Elinor and Jodi finally arrived at the intersection of Commonwealth Ave and Deerfield Street, Deputy Colm Lydon and Officer Eric Merner were waiting and they couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating. Said sister Jodi: “They were two of the kindest gentlemen I have ever met.” After delivering her sister to the drop off spot, Jodi – who had used a wheelchair to help get her sister to Mile 25 – asked the officers, assuming a wheelchair wouldn’t be allowed on the course, the best way to get back to the finish line to meet her sister. “The best way,” said Deputy Lydon, “is for you to follow her.” With that, the officers instructed Jodi to fall in behind her sister and to follow her until she finished what she started. Said Deputy Lydon: “It was the right thing to do.” Four months after finishing her marathon, Elinor Scott died. But sister Jodi knew she needed to return to Boston to run for her sister and find the officers who showed them both such kindness. In hopes of learning their names before she returned, Jodi sent out a facebook message and photo of the two officers taken with her sister at last year’s marathon asking anyone if they knew who they were. On the night before the marathon, a note was sent to Jodi’s facebook account that read: “Jodi - Boston's Finest will be waiting for you at mile 25. Keep an eye out for Deputy Colm Lydon. He was one of the officers who helped you and your sister during last year's marathon. He's looking forward to seeing you. Have a great race. We'll be rooting for you!!!” And, true to their word, as Jodi Scott made her way through the rain at Mile 25 of the 2015 Boston Marathon, there stood Deputy Colm Lydon and Officer Eric Merner waiting for her in almost the exact same place they had met Elinor and Jodi the year before. Hugs were exchanged. Tears were shed. And, a relationship came full circle. Said Jodi: “I love these men. I love them so much for what they did. And it’s so wonderful to see them. This wasn’t my race to run. I ran for it my sister.”

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