Another Daily Dose of Great Police Work – BPD Officer Displays Extraordinary Levels of Restraint & Professionalism During Altercation with Unruly Motorist Along Greek Day Parade Route


Another Daily Dose of Great Police Work – BPD Officer Displays Extraordinary Levels of Restraint & Professionalism During Altercation with Unruly Motorist Along Greek Day Parade Route: At about 12:19pm, on Sunday, April 26, 2015, an officer from District D-4 (South End) was tagging and towing vehicles illegally parked on the parade route (for the Greek Day Parade) on Boylston Street when the officer observed a brown Toyota Camry parked at 645 Boylston Street (outside of the Olde South Church) and clearly impeding the parade route. As a result, the officer pulled behind the vehicle and activated his lights and air horn in an effort to alert and encourage the driver to move his car.  After doing so, the officer noted the vehicle remained at a standstill and did not move. As a result, the officer, utilizing the cruiser’s loud speaker, instructed the motorist that his vehicle was in a ‘No Stopping Zone’. Again, the car did not move. Additionally, the officer observed that the driver had interlocked his fingers behind his head in such a way as if to suggest he was in no rush or urgency to move his vehicle. Seeing this, the officer exited his cruiser and approached the driver's window.

As the officer got closer to the suspect’s car, the driver flung the door open, raised his hands and started yelling: “I'm unarmed!!! I'm unarmed!!!” At this point, the officer told suspect to calm down, return to his car and move his vehicle. After which, the suspect calmed down and acknowledged that he needed to move his vehicle. When the suspect returned to his car, the officer backed away from the vehicle and waited for the vehicle to move. About a minute later, the vehicle remained stationary and, again, the suspect flung the car door open and again jumped out of his vehicle. Sensing danger and feeling that an immediate physical attack was likely imminent and unable to see if the suspect was in possession of a weapon, the officer unholstered his firearm for his own safety and protection. The officer then observed the suspect walking around in circles, waving his arms and yelling: “I'm unarmed!!! (Expletive) kill me!!!” Seeing that the suspect was - in fact - not armed, the officer returned his firearm to his holster and again encouraged the suspect to calm down. Instead, the suspect, while yelling incoherently and waving his arms in a threatening manner, started walking towards the officer. At this point, the officer ordered the suspect to place his hands on the trunk of the car. The suspect refused and continued to yell incoherently.

As the officer was calling in his location and requesting additional units to respond to his location, the suspect again walked towards the officer with a crazed look on his face. Again, the officer ordered the suspect to back up and stop. When the suspect ignored the officer’s legal instructions and continued walking towards him, the officer, in an effort to create distance and allow more time for back-up officers to arrive, shoved the suspect in the upper chest with an open hand knocking the suspect back. The suspect approached the officer several more times and each time the officer shoved the suspect back. The suspect never used his hands or feet to assault officer but just kept approaching him in a menacing manner. Numerous pedestrians were stopping on the street witnessing the incident. When back-up units arrived, the suspect complied and placed his hands on the roof of his vehicle. Suspect was placed in handcuffs and secured.

Upon looking inside the suspect’s car, officers observed a notebook opened to a page with several references to elected officials coupled with disrespectful and profane language. Officers also observed a wire protruding from the trunk area near the back window. Uneasy with these observations, officers requested the Bomb Squad for further investigation. A perimeter was established, as Boylston Street was closed between Exeter and Dartmouth Streets. The bomb unit cleared the vehicle and nothing harmful was found.  The suspect was transported to District D-4 (South End) where he continued to be unruly, uncooperative and noncompliant. Boston EMS responded to District D-4 and transported the suspect to Tufts Medical Center for an evaluation. The suspect, Udaykumar Patel , 25, of Ohio, will be charged with Being a Disorderly Person and Failing to Obey a Police Officer.