Daily Dose Of Great Police Work: BPD Officer Saves 'Wanna Be' Cop from Knife Wielding Attacker


At about 2:24 AM on Friday, April 3, 2015, an officer from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) single-handedly defused a potentially violent situation between two individuals in front of the Tedesci’s Market located in the area of 684 Centre Street.

The officer observed the two men in the middle of the street squaring off against one another, ready to fight.  As the officer approached, one of the men flagged him down while the other, later identified as Edward Hurtado of Roxbury, immediately placed his hands on his head.  The officer performed a pat frisk of the suspect and recovered a Smith & Wesson folding knife from his right front pants pocket.

The incident began inside the store when the victim approached the suspect and identified himself as an undercover police officer while stating, “You blew my cover.”  The victim is not a police officer and it is not known why he was motivated to identify himself as such.  The suspect then followed the victim outside where he threw a soda at him and then brandished the knife in a threatening manner.  The officer arrived and interceded before the confrontation could escalate.

The suspect was arrested on scene and will appear at West Roxbury District Court on charges of Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.