One Less Gun: Motor Vehicle Stop Leads to Two Arrests and the Recovery of a Gun & Illegal Drugs in Roslindale

At about 3:45 PM on Friday, April 3, 2015, officers from District E-5 (West Roxbury) arrested two suspects on drug and weapons charges as the result of a motor vehicle investigation in the area of Cornell Street and Colberg Avenue in Roslindale.

Upon seeing a motor vehicle parked facing the wrong direction on Cornell Street, officers approached the car to further investigate their observations. While approaching the car, officers noted that the two individuals inside the car were moving in such a way as if to suggest or indicate either drug usage or a drug transaction. Officers later identified the passenger as Jessica Hamaty, 20, of Dedham and the driver as Tyrone Fleurimont, 27, of  Roslindale.  Officers learned that the driver had a lengthy criminal record including two prior convictions for unlawfully carrying firearms and that his driver’s license had been suspended.  Officers removed the suspects from the vehicle after observing both of them grabbing for and reaching towards a black bag on the front passenger-side floor area. Officers then performed a pat frisk of the bag and recovered a loaded American Tactical .45 caliber ACP semi-automatic handgun (see photo). Officers later recovered heroin and prescription pills from the bag as well.  While both suspects denied ownership of the weapon, Hamaty admitted that the drugs belonged to her.

Fluerimont was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.  Hamaty was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Possession of Class A Drugs (Heroin) and Possession of Class B Drugs (Suboxone).  Both suspects are scheduled to appear at West Roxbury District Court.