BPD Photo Of The Day: Officers Pay Final Respects To Fallen NYPD Officer

On Friday May 8, 2015, well over 100 officers from the Boston Police Department made the journey down to the South Shore of Long Island to pay their final respects to fallen NYPD Officer Brain Moore.  Officers from the Boston Police Department’s motorcycle unit were on hand in full dress uniform to ride in the solemn procession escorting the young officer.

Tens of thousands of officers from around the country gathered near St. James Roman Catholic Church where Monsignor Robert Romano, the NYPD chaplain, said Moore came from a family of police officers which he described as "the original Blue Bloods."  Officer Moore’s father and uncle retired from the NYPD as sergeants.  Moore himself took the police exam at the age of 17, eager to join the ranks of the department as soon as he was old enough.  He said Moore was a hero and a team player for his family and his colleagues on the job.

"We will never forget our fallen brothers and sisters," Romano told the congregation. "We will never forget Brian. We will never forget you."