One Less Gun: Officers Recover Loaded Firearm After Foot Chase In Broad Daylight

At about 11:05 AM on Monday May 11, 2015, officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force made an on-site firearm arrest in the rear of 75 Wayland Street in Boston.  Officers were on patrol in the area due to recent radio calls involving people in possession of firearms and shots fired.  Officers observed a known gang associate, Michael Reynolds, 21, of Dorchester standing in front of 75 Wayland Street and were aware that he had recently been shot during an incident on Sunday May 3, 2015 on Hancock Street.   During that incident, an arrest was made, more than 19 shell casings were found spent on the street and a loaded firearm was recovered from the dashboard of a nearby bullet riddled car.  

Officers observed Reynolds acting nervously, appearing wide-eyed as he quickly looked up and down Waverly Street.  As officers stopped their vehicle and prepared to approach to speak with him, Reynolds ran off into the gated front yard of the residence while grabbing at his waistband.  Knowing full well he was likely armed, officers bravely gave chase and apprehended Reynolds in the backyard where they recovered a loaded Sig Sauer .45 Caliber Model 1911 semi-automatic handgun.  Officers later recovered a small plastic bag containing a green leafy matter believed to be marijuana from the suspect.

Reynolds was arrested and will be charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Carrying Loaded Firearm, Trespassing and Receiving Stolen Property and will be arraigned in Roxbury District Court.