Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Officers Assist in Finding Lost Dog

Now for a “tail” with a happy ending!

In what could have been a tragic story, we learned yesterday of a community that banded together to find a small dog that had run away from his dog-sitter on Wednesday evening in Roslindale.

Nabil Aidoud had just returned home from work with the miniature pinscher he was watching for a friend, Vera, when he accidentally bumped open the front door. Vera made a dash for the door with Nabil in hot pursuit. As Vera darted and juked her way across the busy streets of Roslindale, Nabil followed behind, unable to catch the 7 lb. pup. For two hours, Vera evaded Nabil, while Nabil pleaded for help from people on the street to assist in finding Vera.

The community of Roslindale answered Nabil’s plea. Neighbors joined the search, Nabil posted fliers, and others reported updates when they caught a glimpse of Vera. Nabil and his neighbors searched until the wee hours of the morning to no avail.

The next day, Vera finally found her way into the sight of two Boston police officers on patrol in Roslindale. Officer Jason Palmer, with the help of detail Officer Alberto Santiago, was able to coax Vera into his arms and return her safely to Nabil. 

“Whether you own a dog or are a dog lover, anyone would have done the same thing,” Officer Palmer stated modestly.

Said Nabil, “It’s a great example of neighbors and volunteers with local police coming together to make a real difference for someone. We see it all the time—missing dog. But when it happens to you, it’s one of the worst feelings. My wife and I are very grateful and so are Vera’s owners; and now I know all these wonderful neighbors in our little hamlet of Roslindale who helped us out of the goodness of their hearts.”