Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Community Service Officer Solves Back Bay Paper Caper

For months, District D-4 (South End) has been receiving complaints of newspapers being stolen from stoops in the Back Bay.  Officer Richard Litto who is assigned to the Community Service Office at D-4 identified and arrested William Joseph Marion, 53, of the Pine Street Inn, in connection to these nuisance larcenies after he personally conducted a thorough and lengthy investigation. 

Leading up to the arrest, Officer Litto obtained video surveillance from two residents that showed Marion in the act of stealing newspapers and peddling off on a bicycle during the early morning hours before sunrise.  Officer Litto also deployed a trail-cam, commonly used by hunters, in an effort to capture additional footage of this annoying thief.  He contacted the newspaper delivery companies to make them aware of this chronic problem and advised them to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. 

Finally, at about 6:00 AM on Thursday May 14, 2015, Officer Litto got a tip that his target was peddling through the Back Bay and up to no good.  A short time later Officer Litto was face-to-face with Marion and his bag, full of newspapers affixed with address labels in the Back Bay.  Further investigation revealed that Marion was wanted on an outstanding warrant for two other larceny cases out of West Roxbury District Court.  He was promptly arrested and booked.

To many people, the theft of a newspaper seems like a small loss. But to an elderly resident who depends on getting their news by reading their daily paper, it’s a very big deal, especially when it’s been going on for so long with no relief in sight. D-4 is one of the busiest districts in the entire city but officers still take the time to address quality of life crimes that impact our friends and neighbors in the community.