One Less Gun: BPD Officers Chase Down & Apprehend Gun Carrying Suspect in Roxbury

one less gun

At about 7:48 PM on Friday, May 1, 2015, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force were on patrol in the area of Mt. Pleasant Ave and Forest Street when officers observed three males known to them through previous encounters and interactions. As a result, officers stopped their cruiser to talk with these individuals. However, as soon as the cruiser stopped, one of the individuals took off running. While running behind the individual, officers noted the suspect was clutching at this left side in such a way as if to suggest he was in possession of a weapon.  

Based on officer's extensive training and experience, the waist area is the area most frequently used to carry or conceal a weapon. In light of the suspect’s behavior, officers had ample reason to be concerned that the individual was armed. While chasing behind the suspect, officers observed him duck behind a parked vehicle in the area of 276 Dudley Street. While cautiously approaching the vehicle, officers heard a sound consistent with the sound produced when a heavy metal object hits pavement. 

Following the sound, the suspect reemerged from behind the vehicle with his arms raised. Officers promptly handcuffed the suspect and took him into custody. A search of the area under the vehicle enabled officers to retrieve a firearm (Colt .25 caliber handgun). Additionally, a search of the suspect enabled officers to recover plastic bags containing both Class A (Crack) and Class B (Cocaine) Drugs. 

Officers arrested Daquan Sparks, 21, of Boston and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Carrying a Loaded Firearm, Armed Career Criminal, Possession w/ Intent to Distribute Class A and Class B Drugs.