BPD Photo Of The Day: Visit to the Academy Makes Big Impression on Young Explorers

On Friday May 2, 2015, some members of the Boston Police Explorers visited with Superintendent Lisa Holmes at the Boston Police Academy in Hyde Park. The young men and women were given an in depth tour of the facility and took part in a presentation which explained the extensive training and educational program that recruit officers go through. 

As the group was leaving at the end of the day, they observed recruit officers from Class 54-14 lowering the flag as part of their daily tradition. Without any instruction or direction, the Explorers stopped and stood respectfully at attention until this quiet ceremony was completed.

The Boston Police Explorers Program is a career exploration program partnership between the Boston Police Department and the Boy Scouts of America. The program is open to young men and women between the ages of 14 and 20 with an interest in learning more about careers in the field of Law Enforcement. The program provides career orientation experiences, leadership opportunities, and community service activities. 

Madison Park High School has committed over 6,000 square feet of training space to the program consisting of a “Defensive Tactics” room, four classrooms and a 2,500 square foot “Mock Police Station”. Participants learn in a realistic police setting without any of the inherent risks in a police officer supervised learning environment. It also utilizes participating police officers to serve as role models and mentors to the young people.  

The program was envisioned and implemented by Sergeant Samil Silta who works as the Supervisor for the District B-2 (Roxbury) Community Service Office. The primary goals of the program are to help young adults choose a career path within law enforcement and to challenge them to become responsible citizens within their communities. There are currently has 81 participants involved which makes it the largest enrollment in all of New England. Of the young people that have enrolled 99% are African American or Latino and includes male, female, gay and transgendered young people. Commissioner William Evans stated “The diversity of this group shows that we have young people from all different neighborhoods and backgrounds who feel the same about trying to make this city even better. They see the good work my officers are doing on the streets and they want to join us in helping the communities we serve.”

Anyone interested in learning more can contact Sgt. Silta directly at samil.silta@pd.boston.gov