Great Work Recognized: Dispatcher Hailed for Her Poise During Officer-Involved Shooting

Congratulations to Civilian Police Dispatcher Nicole Janey on earning a Commissioner's Commendation for her work in the following incident:

On Friday, March 27, 2015, Police Dispatcher Nicole Janey was assigned to Boston Police Radio Channel 3. At about 6:40 p.m., the Youth Violence Strike Force reported there were shots fired at Humboldt Avenue and Ruthven Street in District B-2 (Roxbury), and an officer had been hit. As the officers conducted a motor vehicle stop, the operator had opened the door and fired a shot from a .357 magnum firearm at close range, striking Police Officer John Moynihan in the face.

As one could only imagine, the situation over the next hour and a half was extremely intense.  Emotions and stress ran high for all personnel at the scene and working the incident.

Throughout the duration of the evening, Dispatcher Janey maintained a calm and reassuring demeanor and performed her duties with an extraordinary level of skill and steadfast ability and focus. She maintained professional radio decorum and seamlessly coordinated the ensuing response of command staff, EDT’s, specialized units and the minimum staffing units to this critical scene, as well as to other calls for service within Area B.

Critically important was Dispatcher Janey’s ability to coordinate street closings along various routes for the arrival of the ambulance to the scene, as well as its departure transporting Officer Moynihan to the hospital.  Those were important minutes saved, which aided in immediate medical attention being rendered to the officer.

Dispatcher Janey’s actions were supportive to personnel on the scene and key to the overall management of this incident. For her excellent efforts, we say thank you to Dispatcher Janey!