Great Work Recognized: Officers Commended for Quick Work in Catching Bank Robbers

Congratulations to Officers Marc Delvalle, Craig Woznizk, and Detective Vincent Difazio for earning a Commissioner's Commendation for their work in the following incident:

On March 27, 2015, Officers Marc Delvalle and Craig Woznizk responded to a radio call for a bank robbery at 621 Washington Street in District A-1 (Downtown). Operations gave out a description of a suspect and detectives quickly obtained video from the bank which was emailed out to Area A officers.

Officers Wozniak & Devalle responded to the Ritz Carlton Hotel and reviewed their video as well as provided additional information on a second male who was outside the bank waiting for the suspect. The video showed both suspects walked into the M.B.T.A. station and then reemerged, one without specific earlier described clothing.

Officers Wozniak and Delvalle with Detective Vincent Difazio, who was performing a nearby detail, used their knowledge of their patrol district and surrounding area to search for the two suspects. Within minutes, they located two individuals that fit the suspects’ descriptions. Both suspects were taken into custody. After interviews were conducted one suspect was charged with armed robbery.

These officers responded quickly to the scene and were methodical in gathering and distributing evidence.  That evidence, along with the officers’ knowledge of the area and on-going activity, proved critical to locating the suspects. For their efforts they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.