BPD Photos Of The Day: Happy Mother's Day to All of the Mothers - Especially Those in Blue!!!

On this day, May 10, 2015, we give thanks and pay tribute to mothers everywhere and especially those who wear a badge.  When people think of police officers, they sometimes forget to remember that behind every badge, there's a person with a story. Our department is one of the most diverse organizations in the city. Our officers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and cultures. But, only a select few can call themselves mothers. And on this day, we pay special tribute to our mothers in blue. For many of our mothers, part of this day, their Mother's Day, will be spent protecting and serving our fine city. So, to them, we offer and submit an extra special thank you and level of appreciation. For we here at the BPD can't imagine a union of two more important positions than that of a mother who is also a police officer.  Happy Mother's Day!!!