Keen Witness Observations Help Officers Pick Up Pick-Pocket in Southie


At about 8:45 PM on Wednesday, June 24, 2015, members of the City Wide Bicycle Unit were flagged down by a witness in the area of 130 Dorchester Avenue, Stephi’s in Southie, in District C-6 (South Boston).

The witness, an employee at the above restaurant, pointed out a suspect that had stolen a woman’s wallet from her purse and fled on West Broadway. The witness and officers observed the suspect carrying a pink Guess wallet in his hand outside the restaurant. When the suspect saw the officers, he quickly re-entered Stephi’s where, when approached by officers, he stated the wallet belonged to his girlfriend who had asked him to retrieve it. On the contrary, the witness stated he observed the suspect sit down with his back to the victim, reach into her purse, and retrieve the wallet before fleeing the premise. The victim reported that she did not know the suspect and was unware that her wallet had been stolen until the employee notified her. Officers recovered the wallet and its contents, including approximately $225 U.S. currency.

Thanks to the astute observations of the witness and officers diligently maintaining their patrols, 46-year-old Wayne C. Smith of Boston was arrested and charged with Larceny from a Person (over $200).