Making a Difference: BPD School Police Unit Joins Commissioner in Story Time at the Trotter School

The first graders at the Trotter Elementary School in District C-11 (Dorchester) received a real treat when Boston Police Commissioner William Evans and the BPD School Police Unit stopped by to read stories and answer questions yesterday, Friday, June 5, 2015.

While Police Officer Nicole Grant read The Secret Shortcut to Ms. Donna’s first graders, Commissioner Evans read a rousing rendition of Sherman Crunchly to Ms. Irizarry’s first grade class then answered questions from the children that ranged from “Do you ride in a limo?” to “Are you a democrat?” and “Why don’t you wear a uniform?” The children were also very interested in the BPD K-9 units, so the Commissioner taught them about the three types of K-9 dogs. Commissioner Evans also reminded the kids what to do if they ever found a gun—don’t touch it and tell an adult to call 911! Lastly, the PC advised the children to do their summer reading, stay off the Xbox, and get outside for plenty of exercise while on vacation!