Cops for Kids with Cancer Provides Heart Warming Moment at the BPD Harbor Unit

This past Wednesday, July 29, 2015, cancer patients from the Tufts New England Medical Center’s Pediatric Oncology Unit were treated to a tour of Boston Harbor courtesy of the BPD Harbor Unit. The boat ride, an annual affair for kids battling cancer at Tufts New England Medical, was arranged by the good people at Cops for Kids with Cancer. Said an unnamed representative from Cops for Kids with Cancer organization: “The kids you see here this evening are true heroes battling one of life’s deadliest diseases. The boat ride was created to give these kids and their parents a break from their day-to-day reality and an hour or two to think about something other than cancer. And, if the officers from the BPD Harbor Unit were able to give that to them tonight, then that’s the best gift they could’ve given.”

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