BPD Photo of the Day: Small Gesture - Big Picture

Earlier today, Sunday July 5, 2015, an officer assigned to District E-18 (Hyde Park) while on his regular tour of duty was approached by a gentleman who had a problem:  He was on his way to church for services but didn't know how to properly tie his necktie.  He asked for assistance and the officer didn't hesitate to help him out.  In a big city like Boston, small gestures mean a lot, they define our neighborhoods and bring us closer together as a community - it's the little things that make all the difference. When asked about the encounter, our officer offered the following: "It's important for people to see and understand that community policing is our best policing. When the gentlemen approached looking for help, we were more than happy to assist. In fact, I tied him my best knot, the eldredge knot, and he told me he loved it."  To our officer who tied the best knot he could - we say: "Job well done!!!"