Great Work Recognized: Several Officers Receive Commendations at Recent Ceremony at Boston Police Headquarters

At a recent ceremony held at Boston Police Headquarters, several members of the Neighborhood Drug Control Unit (DCU) were presented with commendations for their actions in the line of duty during two separate incidents.

Incident#1: On Thursday, September 17, 2015 at about 12:36am, a Drug Control Unit Officer was driving home in the area of Roxbury in District B-2 when the officer’s attention was drawn to three individuals acting suspiciously. The officer, concerned that some type of criminal act was about to take place, requested assistance from officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force (YVSF).  While transmitting the location, the officer observed one of the suspects remove a black object from his waistband.  As responding officers arrived on scene, the suspects fled on foot, but were quickly apprehended.  A machete was recovered after it was thrown to the ground by one of the suspects. Meanwhile, in a separate incident which had occurred in the area of 5 Lyon Street, a citizen had been attacked with a machete.  The suspects being detained were identified by that victim and placed under arrest.

The DCU officer’s keen observations and concern for the citizens of our fine city, while off-duty, resulted in the apprehension of three violent criminals. For the officer’s dedicated service and continued efforts to make the City of Boston a safer place, the officer is hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

Incident #2: On Sunday, December 13, 2015, the Area C Neighborhood Drug Control Unit, while working in collaboration with the DEA, received information relative to individuals looking to steal a truck, possibly containing narcotics, in Dorchester. After locating the truck, officers set up surveillance on the vehicle. In short time, officers observed two unknown males approach the vehicle. Officers intervened and stopped the individuals. After they were questioned, the individuals were released. Meantime, a search of the truck enabled officers to see and locate narcotics in plain view.  Officers found three 5 gallon oil containers under the mattress in the cab of the truck, which contained approximately 14 kilos of cocaine with a street value estimated to be in the area of $500,000. The suspect was taken into custody and charged. 

The C-11 DCU squad conducted an operation that resulted in the arrest of one suspect and the seizure of approximately a half million dollars worth of drugs earmarked for the streets of Boston. For their dedicated service and continued efforts to make the City of Boston a safer place, the DCU Officers are hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.