ONE OF OUR FAVORITE BIG PAPI MOMENTS: When our city needed someone to pick us up and bring us together the days after the attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013 – Big Papi stepped up and did so big time. His larger-than-life persona and super positive approach to life has never gone unnoticed and, for the men and women of the BPD, we will always remember what he did for us and our city on April 20, 2013; one day after the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in Watertown and five days after the attack on the marathon. To state the obvious, our officers were physically and emotionally drained. They had seen unspeakable tragedy five days earlier, and, years later, many still struggle with the pain and suffering witnessed on that day. In an effort to bring the city together, the Red Sox brass extended an invitation to the BPD and other first responders to participate in a pre-game ceremony designed to celebrate Boston Strong. As our officers milled about in the runway that leads out to the field prior to the game vs the Kansas City Royals, Big Papi made a point to stop, thank, hug and interact with every officer he saw. In fact, he even let several of our officers hold and play around with his game bat. Nobody saw it. It was under the stands and out of the public eye. But, that’s Big Papi, who he is and how he rolls. Later, he delivered the lines few will ever forget: "This is our f'ing city. No one gonna dictate our freedom. Stay strong." But, it was his actions behind the scenes in the runway leading out to the field that we will always remember.