Giving Thanks: Kind Words from a 10 Year Old Child - When Thanking Your Parents Just Isn't Enough on this Special Holiday

Giving Thanks:  Sometimes it's not enough to thank the most important people in your life - sometimes you want to thank all their coworkers too....  This note was written by the 10 year old daughter of not one, but two, Boston Police Officers.  Every day of her life, young Maeve has watched her mom and dad leave for work and has always been grateful when they’ve returned home safely to her after proudly serving the citizens of Boston.  On this day of reflection, she wanted to thank, not only her loving parents, but all the brave men and women they serve with across our city.  

Maeve, we thank your parents for their many years of dedicated years of service and we thank you for the sacrifices you have made as a child in a law enforcement family.  Most of all, we thank you for your kind and thoughtful words for all the officers of the Boston Police Department on this special day.  Happy Thanksgiving to one and all - God Bless.