Thank You for Thanking Us: A little appreciation goes a long way

Thank You for Thanking Us: About a week ago, a police officer was working a paid detail in the South End when an elderly gentleman approached, struck up a conversation and politely asked if it would be okay to shake the officer’s hand. Yet, before extending his own hand, the elderly man explained, “Officer, I know it’s a dangerous world we live in and I really respect what you guys do and the fact that you can never let your guard down ‘cuz it’s so difficult to distinguish the good guys from the bad ones. But, if it’s okay by you, I’d like to shake your hand so as to thank you for what you do.” The officer quickly and warmly obliged and as the two men clasped hands, the elderly man presented the officer with a business card (see photo) and told the officer, “Put it in your wallet, officer, and when you’re having a bad day, give it a glance and remember there are a lot of people out here who appreciate what you guys do.” The officer, humbled by the encounter, thanked the man and the two went about their separate ways. But, every now and again, the officer takes a second to reach into his wallet to glance at the card which reminds him that – even though police work can often be a thankless job – there are a lot of people out there thankful for the job we do.