Great Work Recognized: Assistance of Pine Street Inn Staff Leads Officers to Arrest Dangerous Suspect

The Boston Police Department is proud to present a Commissioners Commendation to members of the Pine Street Inn staff for their assistance in apprehending a dangerous felon. During a sexual assault investigation, officers recovered a medicine bottle in the name of Ronald Brown in the home of the two victims. Further investigation led Sexual Assault Unit detectives to the Pine Street Inn on October 11, 2016 at 12:35 a.m. seeking this person’s whereabouts.

Under the direction of Director Josh O’Brien, shelter staff began the process of pulling data from systems in order to assist in this investigation. Working from a satellite location, Director O’Brien was able to pull up security video and forward it to the investigators who were interested in a particular type of camouflage pants the suspect was observed wearing on the night of the incident. 

Senior Staff worker Jeannette Cameron identified Mr. Brown as the person in the still photo but commented that he was not wearing that color pants the night before; she observed him wearing a mostly red pair of three-quarter length camoflage pants, which matched the clothing worn the night of the assault. Based on that key piece of information, detectives were able to move from requesting a voluntary interview of the suspect to a probable cause arrest scenario based on corroborating information provided by shelter staff.

Security officer Harry Pinchinat and shift supervisor Joseph Smith were able to bring Mr. Brown to the lobby where police arrested him without incident.  Mr. Brown was subsequently found to be in possession of property taken from multiple burglaries in the South End area and from the victims in this investigation.

The retrieval of video was later provided by Director of Security Kevin Smith as well as a stolen bicycle used by the suspect after leaving the scene of the home invasion and arriving at the Pine Street Inn that morning. The coordinated level of cooperation and understanding of the seriousness and urgency of this investigation led to the arrest of a very dangerous individual. Brown has been convicted for a similar incident in the past and if allowed to leave the premises that night others could have been harmed and valuable evidence could have be lost in this case. Without the assistance of the Directors and staff at the Pine Street Inn, Mr. Brown could still be at large to commit further acts of violence on the citizens of Boston.