True Meaning of Christmas on Full Display at this Year’s Shop with a Cop

True Meaning of Christmas on Full Display at this Year’s Shop with a Cop: For the 8th year in a row, officers from all over the city made their way to the Target in Dorchester to participate in Shop with a Cop. As in year’s past, cops and kids from neighborhoods all over Boston were paired up for an evening filled with friendship, fun, and Christmas shopping. The kids don’t spend a dime, everything is paid for, and it’s an event our officers wouldn’t miss for the world. In fact, ask any one of our officers and they’ll tell you that Shop with a Cop is hands down one of the best community events of the year. When asked to describe what makes the event so special, our officers immediately pointed to the goodness of the kids and their willingness to think of others. It’s no secret that many of the kids participating in Shop with a Cop come from households where funds are tight and Christmas lists curbed. But when given the chance to shop for themselves, the majority of the kids attending this year’s Shop with a Cop, as witnessed by our officers, chose - instead - to shop for others. Time and time again, kids were asked the question every young kid yearns to hear: “What do you want for Christmas?” And, time and time again, kids asked if it would be okay to use the gift card to shop for others. Time and time again, kids thought of little sisters, brothers, mothers, and fathers. One kid wanted to use his gift card to buy groceries for his family. Another wanted to buy clothes for a little sister. Another wanted to buy perfume for his mother. Another wanted to buy a sweater and a pair of socks for a brother. And, time and time again, our officers reassuringly went along with the plan and then quickly reached into their own pockets and said to one incredibly thoughtful child after another, “Okay, now let’s get something for you.” The spirit of Christmas was most assuredly on display at the Target Store in Dorchester this past Monday night. And our officers would be the first to acknowledge that they most certainly received as much, if not more, than they gave.